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SAP Business One 9.2 Alerts not working
At 9.2, SAP introduced a new service which has to be setup in order for Alerts to function properly. These are the steps I tool in resolving this issue on my 9.2 PL3 deployment. 

1. Using SQL Management Studio, I backed up my SLD database and my Business One database
2. Using Control Panel > Uninstall "SAP Business One Server Tools" - I selected to completely remove SLD. 
3. Execute, as Administrator, SAP Business One "Setup.exe" as if your installing SAP Business One for the first time.
4. Select only to install the Server Tools and be sure to select to install the Job Service within the Server Tools.
5. From Windows, open the SAP Business One Service Manager, and start the Job Service
6. Using a web browser (I used FireFox), go to the following URL: https://yourservernamehere:30010/job/
7. Select the appropriate databases first, then click save, then start the job service.


8. Setup an Alert and test. Make Sure the new user AlertSrv is selected as well as the user(s) receiving the alert.


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